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Optimal health starts from within.

For optimal wellness, visit The Cakery for IV therapy in San Jose. We all know to drink water throughout the day, eat a balanced diet, and the value of staying fit—but there’s often still something missing. With IV infusion treatments, you can get the edge you need to feel even better and truly maximize your efforts!

Let’s create the infusion that’s right for you.

There are endless possibilities to help meet your goals and correct your body’s deficiencies. Here are some of our client favorites:

Strength and Recovery

A blend of antioxidants, B12, and anti-inflammatories give your body the “jump” it needs before or after any workout routine.

Inner Beauty

The benefits of Vitamin C, Biotin, and Glutathione deliver nourishment to the skin and hair and even encourage collagen production to reverse the signs of aging.

Weight Loss

Let IV therapy support your weight loss journey. A custom-curated nutrient blend can help you stay on track to reach your goals.

Metabolism Boost

The body’s rate of metabolism tends to slow as we age. There might also be fluctuations from week to week. Are you ready to speed things up?

Jet Lag / Energy Kick

This deliberate combination of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals helps address sleep deprivation with a quick burst of energy.

Why IV Infusion Therapy?

Hospitals have utilized IV therapies for decades. Now it’s time to tap into the benefits not just for recovering from illness, but for optimal living every day.

  • Athletic performance
  • Anxiety relief
  • Fatigue
  • Mental clarity
  • Weight management
  • Anti-aging
  • Migraines
  • Hangover recovery
  • Immunity boost
  • Wound healing

Getting IV therapy means giving your body proper hydration and nutrition, making you feel instantly better after the treatment.

People with digestive issues cannot always absorb the vitamins they need from food alone; IV therapy is an especially ideal option for these patients.

Young woman in white towels

IV therapies are delivered directly into your bloodstream for fast relief and fantastic results. The essential nutrients are delivered directly into your bloodstream for fast relief and ongoing results. And it only takes about 30 minutes per session.

Medical Professionalism


Our medical spa is managed by the team at Cupertino Facial Esthetics. This means you’ll receive care from licensed professionals who can help assess what your body truly needs to thrive.


  • Embrace inner beauty
  • Anti-aging
  • Metabolism boost
  • Weight management
  • Immunity boost
  • Alleviation and recovery
  • Glutathione support
  • B12 supplements

Boost Your Workout with Our B12 Injections

Vitamin B12 plays an important role for your workout. Working out is not just about burning fat—it’s also about building muscles.

Vitamin B12 will also help you stay healthy and maintain the results of your workouts through DNA, red blood cell, and nerve cell regeneration. These cells are responsible for building muscle, maintaining muscle strength, and delivering oxygen to your muscles for recovery.

Achieve Your Body Goals with MIC Weight Management Injections

MIC (Methionine Inositol Choline) Weight Management Injections can boost your weight loss. This injection contains lipotropics, which are compounds that help break down fat.

Methionine, inositol, and choline are compounds that work together to metabolize, or break down, fat. Along with reducing body fat, these compounds can eliminate fat in the liver and other systems in the body.

Am I a Good Candidate for IV Therapy?

The best candidates for IV therapy at The Cakery Infusions are people who want a different approach to anti-aging, boosting immunity and metabolism, managing weight, building muscle strength, and assisting muscle recovery.

IV therapy is ideal for people who want to improve hydration, increase their energy, boost their mood, and improve their skin quality. It is suitable for those who want to combat chronic fatigue, lessen the effects of migraines, and just feel better overall.

IV infusion therapy is also a good option for people with nutritional deficiencies, along with people who have medical conditions that make it more difficult to reach their ideal daily nutrient count from diet alone.

Your IV Therapy Consultation

An IV therapy consultation at The Cakery Infusions will involve a discussion of your health concerns and goals. Please provide your complete medical history to help us plan a safe treatment for you.

Your IV Therapy Session

Our professionals will clean the injection site and administer the IV infusion. You can relax while waiting for the IV solution to completely enter your bloodstream. The treatment should last for 15 to 90 minutes, depending on what is recommended for you during your consultation.

Since injections go directly into the bloodstream, the results are seen and experienced instantly.

IV Therapy Aftercare

In many cases, an IV therapy session’s results usually last two to three weeks. The results are temporary because your body will consume the nutrients obtained from the treatment. Once those nutrients are gone, they must be restored with another round of IV infusion.

After getting the infusion, leave the bandage on the injection site for around 30 minutes. Change it if you notice bleeding, and keep the site clean and dry. Avoid getting the injection area wet for at least an hour after getting the treatment.

The Cost of IV Therapy

The price of your IV therapy treatment varies significantly based on what it contains. You can discuss cost during your initial consultation.

Let’s start with a preliminary consultation.

Every treatment at The Cakery Infusions will be customized to you and your needs. Our comprehensive approach and deluxe spa atmosphere can help give you fantastic benefits every time.

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