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Rejuvenate your skin—encourage more collagen.

No more wasting time with jars of facial creams or serums. And you don’t need to turn to surgery, either. With TempSure FIRM, TempSure ENVI, and Vitalia radiofrequency (RF) skin tightening therapy, you can enjoy immediate results to correct skin texture and tone.

The RF method uses energy waves to reach the deep “dermis” layer of the skin and reactivate collagen production at its source. It helps lift, contour, and revitalize the skin for a more youthful appearance in every stage of life.

TempSure FIRM for the Body

Over time, the skin loses collagen protein and structure, resulting in sagging in several areas of the body. TempSure FIRM focuses on the body, providing effective skin tightening for the abdomen, arms (including elbows), legs and thighs, and buttocks.

This non-surgical and non-invasive process restores definition to sagging areas for a firmer look. It also reduces frustrating cellulite in areas like the buttocks and thighs.

TempSure ENVI for the Face

The aging process can create several fine, moderate, and harsh wrinkles in the skin of the face. TempSure ENVI focuses specifically on the delicate skin of the face, addressing laxity in a variety of areas.

ENVI can smooth away crow’s feet around the eyes, horizontal forehead wrinkles, vertical frown lines, and smile lines. This gentle process eliminates signs of facial aging and restores a youthful appearance.

Vitalia for Intimate Rejuvenation

Pregnancy and menopause can lead to unwanted changes in a woman’s intimate areas. Vitalia focuses on the vaginal tissues, improving the tightness of the skin and muscles to enhance appearance while boosting sexual health and intimacy.

This all-in-one treatment also provides a variety of additional benefits, restoring lubrication, improving bladder control, and reducing pain during intercourse.

Benefits of Radiofrequency Skin Tightening

Restoring and encouraging collagen is the key to reversing the signs of aging and the loss of firmness and tone. RF therapy can offer fantastic care for all of these cosmetic goals, and more:

  • Improve jawline definition
  • Sculpt cheekbones
  • Tighten the neck
  • Enhance facial contours
  • Wrinkles and bags around the eyes
  • Drooping brow lines
  • Sags between nose and mouth

Medical Professionalism


Our medical spa is managed by the team at Cupertino Facial Esthetics. This means you’ll receive premium care using only FDA-approved hyaluronic acid fillers, and all services are offered by our experienced team of medical providers.

At Cupertino, our approach to anti-aging starts with the foundation of your skin: Promoting collagen stimulation and allowing your body to regenerate its own natural collagen and elastin. We begin to lose collagen and elastin starting in our early 20s. If we can work on restoring that naturally with treatments such as PROFOUNDRF, Potenza RF, Microneedling with PRP, or biostimulators, such as Sculptra Aesthetics, dermal fillers can then be used minimally—as we can create, shape, and sculpt a more naturally enhanced you.

This approach leaves you with longer-lasting results and more effective treatment.

Our consultation in San Jose process starts with a complete analysis and assessment of your skin and your short-term and long-term goals. This leads us toward a custom treatment plan consisting of proper medical-grade skin care and the treatments that are right for you. *As a member of The Cakery Infusions, you can enjoy 10% off all Cupertino Facial Esthetics treatments and services!

Schedule your complimentary virtual or in-person consultation to get started on achieving a more refreshed and rejuvenated you.

Dual-Wavelength Technology

Safe and effective, RF therapy can be effective not only for the face and neck area. Procedures can address loose skin around the belly, chest, and upper arms. There are even options to utilize RF therapy for full body sculpting, as well as vaginal rejuvenation.

Intimacy Wellness


Collagen restoration has many benefits, especially for vaginal health and strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. If you’re experiencing urinary incontinence when you run or jump, painful sex, or a lack of sensation during intercourse, it might be time to schedule an RF therapy treatment plan.

  • Urinary incontinence?
  • Difficulty achieving orgasm?
  • Dryness or discomfort?

The proper medical care with RF technology can help to increase libido, lubrication, and even the quality of orgasms. (And there’s no downtime required.)

Here’s what to expect:

Treatments can often be completed within one hour, and many people begin to notice improvements in their skin tone and tissue firmness right away.

Because RF therapy promotes cell turnover, the results should only improve over time—often lasting for one year or more, with no maintenance required. Talk about easy!

How Much Does Skin Tightening Cost?

Experience top-notch skin tightening services at The Cakery Infusions, conveniently located in San Jose, Los Gatos, Campbell, and Saratoga. Our expert team is committed to delivering exceptional results, leaving your skin rejuvenated and youthful. Using advanced techniques and state-of-the-art equipment, we offer safe and effective treatments to help you achieve your desired appearance. Say goodbye to saggy skin and embrace a firmer, more radiant look with our specialized skin tightening solutions. Trust in our expertise and let us enhance your natural beauty today.

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