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Embrace the day—however you wish.

This is personal care done right. Treat yourself to an indulgent spa experience in San Jose and enjoy the moments that matter to keep your mind and body at their best.

State-of-the-Art Showers and Sauna

Sweat it out, lather in the shower, then towel off and cozy up with a deluxe robe. Now you’re really living the dream.

Indulge in the rejuvenating benefits of state-of-the-art showers and sauna at The Cakery Infusions Wellness Lounge. Relax, detoxify, and breathe easy as you immerse yourself in a luxurious spa experience. Elevate your well-being with every soothing moment, and stay refreshed, revitalized, and ready to embrace the day.

State of the art Sauna

As a member, enjoy a steamy shower after your workout. Or glam up and grab some fresh juice!

Convenient Nutrition

As exclusive suppliers of Evogen supplements, we offer the full array of Evogen products for pre- and post-workout nutrition. Plus a beautiful selection of fresh juices—delivered daily—and healthy meal prep options!

Our Convenient Nutrition service is your gateway to optimal well-being. We curate a diverse array catering to your unique pre- and post-workout needs. Stay nourished with daily deliveries of refreshing, nutrient-packed juices. 

Explore our enticing selection of wholesome meal prep options, meticulously designed to fuel your body with the essential nutrients it craves. Immerse yourself in a personalized approach to nutrition, where each sip and bite contributes to a revitalized, healthier you. Feed your body, fuel your workouts, and ignite your well-being with The Cakery Infusions.

Cost of Wellness Lounge Services

Embark on a personalized wellness journey at The Cakery Infusions. Our state-of-the-art showers and sauna experiences, Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, and convenient nutrition start at competitive rates. Consult with us for customized packages of your wellness spa services, ensuring your rejuvenation aligns seamlessly with your preferences and budget.

Planning a birthday, corporate team bonding, or wellness day? Let us take your next event to the next level at The Cakery Infusions and Step Fusion.

Come On In

Come experience the scene for yourself

The Cakery Infusions is uniquely posed to offer you the total package. If you are looking for a wellness lounge in and around San Jose, Los Gatos, Campbell, and Saratoga, schedule your tour today and discover what all the hype is about. Book an appointment to learn more about our services.